Cook Like Never Before

Have you ever come home, looked at the ingredients in your fridge and thought: “What in the world can I cook with that?” It’s very likely that you have – nobody knows what to cook all the time! But, thanks to the tireless teamwork of our brightest minds, we can promise you that you will never feel that way again. We present, Instant Inspiration!


Instant Inspiration is sort of what it feels like to be inside the mind of earth’s greatest chef - to put it mildly. It is a complex artificial brain full of every culinary use for all of the ingredients you can imagine! To us it, all you do is input the ingredients you have to cook with into its search bar, watch as it automatically recommends all the meals you can prepare, select the one for you, follow the recipe and voilà; you’re ready to eat. It’s that simple.


While you’re sitting at work (when you find the time) or at home chatting to your Facebook friends online, Instant Inspiration is always available. All you do is visit our page, write your ingredients down on our wall, include the hash tags #whatsfordinner and #Ingredient, and a delicious recipe will appear right before your eyes! No more scouring through recipe books, no more pondering the possibilities of an odd ingredient basket; not any more. With Instant Inspiration life can finally become the culinary quest you’ve been waiting for.


A little birdy wants you to know: inspiration is also available on the go with Instant Inspiration on Twitter. That’s right; a tweet to us is all it takes to have a righteous recipe sent straight back to you! So, when you’re next shopping and you see something that jumpstarts your culinary instinct, tweet it to @whats4dninerSA along with all the other ingredients you’re thinking of using, with the hash tags #whatsfordinner and #Ingredient, and we’ll send you something scrumptious to prepare.


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