Cooking Pasta is Easy Peasy


Always Salt Your Water

Add a generous teaspoon of salt to your boiling water. This is a crucial step, because as the pasta absorbs the water, it also soaks up the dissolved salt, which seasons it inside and out. Also, salt slightly increases the boiling point of the water.

Stir Your Pasta

This step may seem basic but you would be surprised by how many people just throw their pasta into the pot and let it sit there unstirred and unloved until they think it’s done. Immediately after adding your pasta to your boiled water, give it a stir and repeat this process every now and then. What stirring your pasta does is keeps the individual pieces from clumping up together. Top tip: Don’t rinse your pasta when it is done. When you rinse your pasta you are also washing away its yummy salty flavour and any starch present on it. This starch helps your sauce cling to your pasta. An exception to this rule is when you’re making a salad and need to cool the pasta fast.

Add Pasta to Sauce Rather than Sauce to Pasta

This is an easy mistake to make, and not many cooks know of this simple tip and how it can transform your dish’s flavour and your pasta’s texture. Always prepare your pasta’s sauce beforehand and leave it aside to simmer while your pasta cooks. Once your pasta is ready, transfer it into the pan you have prepared your sauce in. While your pasta sits in this warm sauce, it is actually going through its final stage of cooking.

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