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Soup season is here!

Creamy, dreamy and scrumptiously steamy, warm and wonderful soups are so rewarding to make for the family in winter. From broths to bisques and chowders to consommés, these belly-warming bowls of goodness can be prepared with lots of different fresh ingredients – and your kids will love them too! For a warming dinner option have a look below at some of our top soup picks for June. If one of the delicious dish descriptions happens to catch your eye, simply click on the link to get the recipe!

- Hearty Lamb and Butternut Soup

This Hearty Lamb and Butternut Soup is the ultimate winter wonder to serve at your supper table. With lean lamb mince, pungent garlic, wholesome butternut, fresh coriander and a final sprinkle of Robertsons Cinnamon and Robertsons Ground Cumin to add a flavour kick, this is a soup that the whole family will love.

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- Miso Soup

While the name of this special soup sounds exotic, it’s actually really easy to make and quick to prepare. This Eastern treasure is a vegetarian’s dream and is made from truly delectable ingredients – tofu cubes, soy sauce for a salty punch of flavour, white or red miso paste, spring onions and hot red chillies for a throat-clearing kick!

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- Rich Tomato, Chickpea and Feta Soup

Red, rich and full of fantastic flavours – this soup is just what the doctor ordered on a cold and crisp winter’s evening. With soft and creamy feta, tasty tomatoes, carrots, onions and soft chickpeas to soak up all the amazing flavours, this will soon turn into a real family favourite.

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- French Onion Soup

Your family will love this fantastic-tasting French Onion Soup! With aromatic caramelised onions as the star of the show, a blanket of rich and creamy cheese layered on top, and crunchy bread to lap up all the hearty goodness, this is an absolute classic of French cuisine. Try it tonight!

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Soups are a great staple which you can always prepare-in- advance. For easy recipes to whip up in the kitchen as well as other soup ideas to keep you warm through winter, browse through the what's for dinner website.

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