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Little Stories

Everything we do is dedicated to making better tasting food, and that includes growing our ingredients sustainably. It’s not only good for the planet, but we believe you can taste the difference in every dish you cook.

Our story of sustainability isn’t just one story, it’s a thousand little ones that all come together to make the world a better, tastier place. From our farmers to our suppliers and chefs, everyone is doing their bit to help us source all of our agricultural ingredients sustainably by 2020, and they all have their own tale to tell, and they’re all doing their bit to help us source all of our vegetables, herbs and cereals sustainably by 2020.

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Great food begins with the perfect seeds dropped into rich fertile soil, where they’re lovingly nurtured by a responsible farmer who respects nature’s way of doing things.

Organic, sustainable and locally grown produce. Juicy, crunchy and colossal carrots, plucked and gathered from South Africa's rich soil.
From farm to fork - for you.

South Africa

A South African Sustainable Carrot Farming Story

Vryheid, South Africa

Outstanding in their field

Knorr Landmark Farmers – the green-fingered heroes tireless in their quest to find better ways to grow the most flavoursome ingredients.

See our landmark farms

We spent three years searching for the perfect basil. with some help from our herb farmers and a library of ancient seeds, I tasted 145 different varieties to select three basil types with the perfect strong and intense taste for our Knorr recipes.

Clemens Stiefvater

The Concierge of a Bee Hotel

Knorr farmers go to extraordinary lengths to nurture local plants and animals to help pollinate and protect their crops.

Encouraging Biodiversity

The Story of the Parsley Farmer who wanted to go fishing

Mr. Brierre


Ripened under the sun

Place in an open field, ripen slowly under the sun, add just the right amount of water for sweetness, and pick when ready.

Improving the Flavour of a Hundred-year-old Carrot Variety

Jorg and Simon

Keeping Tomatoes Thirsty

Saving water isn’t just great for the planet, we believe it’s the secret to growing sweet juicy tomatoes.

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Making a Splash

Together, farmers who’ve been in our program for three years have saved 10.6 million litres of irrigation water - that’s the equivalent of 55,000 average showers

Fighting Bugs with Bugs

To keep our vegetables healthy and reduce pesticide use, we use nature in surprising ways to fight off pesky pests.

How we do it

Esther Gutierrez, Grows tomatoes for Knorr in Spain

“I’m really passionate about tomatoes, from when I get up to when I go to sleep. Seriously, it’s as if I have them in my blood.”



After months of growing and care, we pick our vegetables at the peak of ripeness. Then it’s a race against the clock to prepare them as fast as possible to lock in flavour and goodness.

How to Make a Grown Man Cry

Benoit Collardo

The Sound of Great Flavour

In the race to capture that peak moment of sweetness, it’s not only the taste and smell of a vegetable that tells you when it’s ready to be harvested. Sometimes, it’s how it sounds.

How to tell it’s ready

The Midnight Harvest

Did you know the best time to harvest fresh herbs is at night when it’s cool and they’re not wilting? Night or day, we work to dry them as quickly as possible to lock in their delicious aroma.

Nothing Goes to Waste

After harvesting, the tops of carrots and the leaves of onions are left on the fields where they get ploughed back into the soil, as a wonderful, free source of nutrient-packed rich compost. Farmers love freebies.


Preserving Flavour

How we preserve and lock in flavour is just as important as how we grow our vegetables in the first place. That can mean drying, freezing, boiling, or turning them into paste – whatever suits the Knorr recipe they’ll be making.

Peeled by Hand

Our onions in Serbia are peeled by hand and dried within a couple of hours to keep their intense flavour.

Bursting with Flavour

Drying. It’s not the only way we preserve vegetables but it’s still one of the best ways to lock in the flavour.

Why We Dry

Vegetable Goodness

Our dried vegetables contain as much fibre, vitamins and minerals as cooked vegetables.

Protecting Halloween for Generations to come

Norbert and Robert


The taste of sustainability

This is where the hard work comes together. We believe it leads to rich flavours, sweet vegetables and feel-good food all round. Our chefs work closely with Knorr farmers to make sure their love for growing great food makes a real difference in Knorr products, and in the meals you cook with them.


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A Community Grown by Tasty Tomatoes

The people of Badajoz

Room to Move

We are on a journey, working with our farmers to ensure that our chicken, pork and beef will be reared to good animal welfare standards. Our ambition has been recognised by Compassion in World Farming.

Our Promise

When you see the Knorr Partnership logo, you know that we have sustainably grown ingredients inside.

Still Hungry?

Find out more about our passion for sustainability here.

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